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Looking back to the last Totally Transport:

2014 Show Report

Supporters:  Blackpool Civic Trust, Lancastrian Transport Trust, Solaris Centre, Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours, Blackpool Council,  Blackpool Transport, Blackpool Ward Councillors of Squires Gate and Waterloo. Lancashire Vehicle Club.

For the 10th show the weather put on its very best behaviour, praise be.   From early in the morning vehicles were arriving and stalls were busy being erected.

At 10.20 the first Heritage tram duly arrived outside Solaris and left for North Pier with a full load. The weather being so good it was decided to use 2 boat trams and they were packed. This is the first time Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours have operated a public service beyond the Pleasure Beach.  Many were very keen for this tour which went up to Starr Gate and turned round.


At 11am the Blackpool Town Crier, Barry McQueen and his bell opened the show, and Preston Concert Band struck up a chord.


There were heritage bus tours using two heritage Lytham St Annes and one Blackpool bus. Starting from the Star Hotel, the tour went up Clifton Drive and Queensway, quite a good circuit.  Long queues formed at the ‘bus stop’.


Further along the prom there was a Mercedes hospitality tent and a display of new and old Mercedes.  Then on both sides of the prom were cars, buses and coaches and a few vans. The PT Cruisers,  two mini clubs, Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group members, Vauxhalls and more.  There was a museum on board a Yelloway Bus.

The boat tram ‘George Formby’ cruising along New South Promenade.  George’s house is marked with a blue plaque just 2 miles up the coast, nice house in St Anne’s.


A good selection of ‘classic’ minis.


PT Cruisers custom paint display is very appealing.


The Blackpool bus affectionately known as ‘529’ posing in front of the Big One. Heritage Bus Tours started from this point. The bus is full and ready to go.


Inside Solaris were Blackpool Civic Trust with their Tombola, prizes that needed to be seen to be believed.  Fylde Rail Users, Poulton & Wyre Railway, Fylde Tramway Society, Lancastrian Transport Trust. Plenty of transport books and photos.  Tram modellers displaying their novel and expertly built realistic tram settings.   The Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Val Haynes, and her consort, Alan Hayes, toured the event.


Neat models shuttling along a stretch.  George Formby again. The only non-realistic bit is the real one outside was full to bursting.


Outside on the Green were entertainers Preston Concert Band and Claremont First Steps all ably compered by the Town Crier.  The book ‘The Central Question’ was launched and for sale. This related to the last days of Central Station which were 50 years ago this year.

Tram 167 on loan from the National Tramway Museum at Crich was popular and took the 4.20pm tour which went to Fleetwood.  Travelling towards us is Michael Airey, Tram 147.


A ‘classic mini’.  The only new mini at the show was one being raffled in ‘win a mini’.


Ye Olde Austin.  Lovely car.


A Canadian built car of 1928. Willy’s Overland Whippet Model 96.


Morgan of Malvern.


Trent bus arriving late after a traffic hold up.  Nice to see you, to see you nice!


Claremont First Steps Orchestra. For some reason only have back of head photos.


Representing the USA.  Nice chrome work and sleek windscreen.  Windscreen is vaguely like a Humber Sceptre.


Inside a Lytham bus of yesteryear.  Do you like the light bulbs and nice woodwork. A very tidy bus.


Nice Mini Countryman classic mini.  These are very small.


Vauxhall Victor.  Another wrap round windscreen Wing mirrors actually on the wing, how did we manage.


A great day. Plenty more photos to put up, see our facebook page as well.  Thanks a thousand times to everyone who came or supported the event in whatever way.

If you’ve any queries please E-mail us from our contact us page and we’ll get back to you, or via Facebook or Twitter.

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Heritage Tram Tours information

Heritage trams will be operating a 20 minute service from Starr Gate to North Pier throughout the event, from approximately 1020 until 1700, and we hope to be able to use up to five different trams during the course of the day. For the duration of this special service, heritage tram stops will be positioned at the Solaris Centre (Harrowside), Pleasure Beach (main line) and North Pier. Please note that so as to not delay the core LRT tram service, boarding and alighting will not be permitted at Starr Gate although you may remain aboard the trams for this part of the journey.

As a special treat, Pantograph 167 will conclude the day with a trip to Fleetwood, departing Solaris at 1620 and returning to Pleasure Beach for 1810. As this is sure to be very popular, pre-booking will be necessary.  Please see our news page for the special conditions that apply to obtaining a ticket for this tour.

Heritage Trams are run by Blackpool Transport.  Please see their website for full details, all tram bookings must be made with them.

Enter the Event with a Vehicle or Stall

Please carry on entering vehicles and stalls we’re still getting new entries in the week before the event.  We will be very happy to receive your entry for a classic or heritage vehicle, transport related club or stall and family entertainers are also welcome to apply.   See our How to Enter Page to enter.


Our leaflet:



In 2012 Blackpool updated its tram services with new track, new depot and new trams.  Some of the original trams were updated to be compatible with the new tram stops.  The remainder were offered to other preservation groups or kept to become the Blackpool Heritage Tram fleet.  These heritage trams operate on public holiday weekends, special events or for hire.

We hope you will take a ride on these trams as the more who ride on them the more services that will be offered keeping tram heritage alive.  Sponsorship has also added to the services and Blackpool Transport will be very pleased to hear from anyone offering sponsorship.

The open top single deck ‘boat’ trams and open double deckers are wonderful to ride on a good day along Blackpool promenade.  Return on a vintage 100 year old tram.  Selection of trams on the day is done by Blackpool Transport who keep a close watch to try to match services to demand and weather.

Trams stop at the special circular green Heritage Tram stops which are at:

Pleasure Beach,  on the loop behind the stationary tram.
North Pier, towards the Tower.
North Shore, near Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Fleetwood Ferry.

On June 22nd there will be a stop, perhaps 2, at the Solaris Centre, South Shore.

Blackpool Heritage Tram Services at Easter 2013. Two 'streamliners'.
Blackpool Heritage Tram Services at Easter 2013. Two ‘streamliners’.

In 2013 the service ran from the Pleasure Beach loop either to North Pier, Bispham or Fleetwood.  In 2014 on ‘Totally Transport’ event day there will a service that runs to Starr Gate with a stop at the Solaris Centre which is the centre of the event.

Details of services are to be announced but the dates have been published as below.

2014 Blackpool Heritage Tram Tour Services


Friday 18th April
Saturday 19th April
Sunday 20th April

There will be a theme and a tram naming ceremony.  A static display of trams will also be open at Blundell Road between 1pm and 3pm on operating days.

The theme is English Electric at Easter celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the streamlined fleet.  4 car service on all 3 days.

English Electric at Easter. Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tours and Static Display.
English Electric at Easter. Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tours and Static Display.

Celebrations will include a tram naming ceremony by Daphne Luff (daughter of the late Walter Luff, the General Manger who introduced the streamliners.)This will take place at the Pleasure Beach heritage tram stop at 1430 on Easter Saturday 19th April.

May Bank Holiday

Sunday 4th May
Monday 5th May

The Fylde Tramway Society (FTS) have generously agreed to sponsor two additional days over the May Bank Holiday weekend.  There will be a 3 car service on both Sunday 4th and Monday 5th May.

Spring Bank Holiday

Thanks to generous sponsorship by a Lancashire Businessman we are pleased to announce the inclusion of a 3 car service on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 26th May and August Bank Holiday Monday 25th August.

Saturday 24th May
Sunday 25th May
Monday 26th May

Totally Transport

 Sunday 22nd June

3 car service running from North Pier to The Solaris Centre and on to turn round at Starr Gate.  The only public heritage service to do this in 2014.

Fleetwood Festival of Transport

 Sunday 20th July 2014

3 car service

August Bank Holiday 2014

 Monday 25th August – 3 car service

Times of tours to be advised. The first and last tour of the day will operate to Fleetwood.

Tours are subject to availability. If there is a high demand for the heritage fleet travel cannot be guaranteed.

Information from Blackpool Transport Services website:

Totally Transport are not responsible in any way for the Heritage Tram services and the information is shown for information only and because we wish to offer every support for the tram services.  Please visit the Blackpool Transport website for the latest and official information.