Fleetwood Museum Re-opens

Fleetwood Museum Re-opens Friday 14th April.

After a period of closure the Fleetwood Museum re-opens on Good Friday 14th April 2017.

The open hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am-3.30pm and Bank Holiday Weekends.

The museum contains lots of interesting information about Fleetwood including walk through scenes.  Trawling for fish, chemicals, salt are big themes in the history of Fleetwood.  The story of trawling fills you with awe that these small ships went out into gales and freezing seas for weeks to bring home the food for your table.

Plenty of great model ships, this one, Wyresdale, was the Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry some 60 years ago, 1924 to 1957.  It was built in Fleetwood.

The Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry, model
The Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry, model,  Wyresdale

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